For When the Pressure is on to Get the Job Done Right

All hail the mighty industrial pressure washer. Serious flow and high cleaning pressure makes pressure washers suitable for an infinite amount of general cleaning and maintenance tasks. Goodway’s versatile line of industrial pressure washers are built to last, even in the most rugged environments. Every pressure washer requires a water source for use and Goodway’s dynamic pressure washer machines come equipped with added convenience for hose storage, chemical injection and more. Some even offer hot water options to better suit your specific cleaning needs. With several great machines to choose from, you’re probably wondering how to select the best one for the task. Continue reading to make selecting the best pressure washer a pressure-free, hassle-free experience.

Identify the Application

Industrial pressure washers are versatile in their cleaning abilities. Each application requires a certain amount of pressure to break the bond between dirt and the area it’s adhered to, which is why our innovative machines come with a full range of available accessories, like high quality pressure nozzles and wands to blast away dirt, grime, tough stains and clean a variety of applications in no time.


  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Gum removal
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers
  • General cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Water and mud stain removal


Industrial pressure washers are used extensively in almost every industry. Goodway’s selection of pressure washers make cleaning a variety of applications easier and more efficient when matched properly with the application. We also offer a wide range of special tools and accessories that offer greater cleaning flexibility and convenience to satisfy your application’s unique cleaning needs even further.

Did You Know?

Selecting industrial pressure washers with higher pressure ratings may not always provide the best results and can cause significant damage.

Consider the Work Environment

There are two common types of industrial pressure washers: gas powered pressure washers and electric powered pressure washers. Gas powered washers tend to be the most powerful of the two. Some models even offer supreme portability and are equipped for heavy-duty maintenance and rugged outdoor jobs. Electric power washers, on the other hand, offer benefits in their size, being small, compact and ready to take on lighter duty cleaning tasks - either outside or inside. Whether your cleaning needs require ruggedness to withstand outdoor environments, or an outlet to simply plug-and-go-outdoors, Goodway offers some of the finest pressure washer machines in each of the two major categories.


Gas Powered

For maximum cleaning power in remote locations where there’s no electrical hookup, gas powered industrial pressure washers, like the GPW-4000-G Gasoline Powered Cold Water Pressure Washer is the perfect selection. This all-purpose heavy-duty pressure washer blasts dirt and grime with 4000 PSI of cleaning power, features a 1.7 gallon fuel tank and includes a heavy-duty cart that can hold up to 2 gallons of cleaning solution for longer running time. For best results, use with APC-100 All-Purpose Cleaner – our biodegradable grease emulsifier that is specifically designed for use with hi-pressure washers.

  • Rugged design and gas-powered convenience
  • Works great on sidewalks, crevices and for gum removal
  • Five quick connect nozzles to match different applications
  • Can use hot water for additional cleaning power
  • Soap siphon tube for easy injection of chemicals

Electric Powered

If you don’t have to take your pressure washer far distances, or in very harsh environments, then electric pressure washers are a great choice. The Goodway GPW-1200 Portable Hi-Pressure Washer is our finest portable, carry-around heavy-duty unit that was specially designed for easily transporting up ladders, stairs and into tight locations. This compact, high performance industrial pressure washer blasts away dirt, grime and debris with 1200 PSI of cleaning power at 1.8 GPM and also offers just the right amount of water power to clean a wide variety of applications – from cleaning industrial kitchens to fulfilling general cleaning duties with ease.

  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • For cleaning on rooftops, ceiling HVAC drip pans and more
  • Variable pressure nozzles to better match your application
  • Can use hot water for additional cleaning power
  • Soap siphon container for easier injection of chemicals

Power hungry? GPW-2E Heavy Duty Electric Power Cold Water Pressure Washer is our most powerful electric powered unit. Running off of 230V electrical power, this dynamic high flow and high pressure machine delivers 2,200 PSI of cleaning power at a whopping 3 GPM to handle even the toughest, most challenging tasks. Perfect for safe, indoor cleaning jobs. Use with APC -100 All Purpose Cleaner for best results.

  • High pressure and high water volume for heavy cleaning jobs
  • Rugged, steel reinforced hose on reel
  • Can also use hot water for additional cleaning power
  • Soap container for easier injection of chemicals

Chemical Cleaning Agents

Bring in the chemical cleaner for extra assistance in removing tough stains and deposits. Goodway machines inject chemicals on the downstream of the pump for more options and safer cleaning. The following cleaners are options that Goodway offers for better control of cleaning a variety of HVAC applications with industrial pressure washers.


APC-100 All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser – is specially designed to use with hi-pressure washes and can be used to clean virtually anything
CoilShine Coil Cleaner – is a non-acidic and safe on coils fast-acting coil cleaner containing powerful degreasers and cleaning agents for superior coil cleaning results
GRC-400 Gum Removal Cleaning Solution – works wonders loosening and removing sticky gum adhered to surfaces

A Little Hot Water Goes a Long Way

Hot water cleaning lowers the surface tension of water as cleaning solution melts chemical bonds down like butter, for easier, faster deposit removal. It also cuts cleaning time in half – cutting through grease and loosening stuck food on contact. It’s a proven fact that increasing water temperatures by 10 degrees doubles the reaction rate and cleans applications up to two times faster. In fact, hot water cleaning is so efficient, that in some cases, deposits can be completely removed with water pressure alone.

Did You Know?

Gas powered washers can clean 2-3 times faster than electric powered washers, due to high flow and pressure washer ratings.

Pressure and Water Flow – Partners in Cleaning

The key to receiving the best cleaning results with an industrial pressure washer is using the right amount of pressure. One of the most common misconceptions about pressure washers is that the higher the pounds per square inch (PSI), the greater the performance. PSI measures the amount of force, or pressure, by a machine and although it is significant in determining a pressure washer’s cleaning power, this alone is not the best way to do so. Another very important factor to consider is the gallons per minute (GPM), or the volume of water flow that contributes to the cleaning force. The higher the GPM and PSI are, collectively, the more powerful the machine will be - so you can avoid risk of selecting a too powerful pressure washer and damaging the application. A noteworthy rule of thumb to remember is that effective, professional pressure washers produce a stripping action effect that removes dirt on contact. Naturally, expert cleaning machines like these can be found at Goodway.

Did You Know?

The CPU, or cleaning power units, must be considered for pressure washing deep cleaning capabilities. In order to determine the CPU of a machine, simply multiply the GPM by the PSI and the greater the CPU, the greater ability your machine has for deeper, more effective cleaning.


Why not broaden your pressure washing cleaning capabilities by connecting a few convenient nozzles and attachments? Goodway’s line of pressure washing equipment has a great selection of quick connect accessories and special pressure washer additions that give you more control of water pressure, streaming patterns and functionality, for faster and greater cleaning results.


GPW-SBA-40 Sand blaster – is a versatile, wet sandblasting attachment that you simply attach to the wand, put the intake hose into a supply of sand and fire away

Universal swivel – is a directional attachment for more gun flexibility when cleaning gutters and tight spaces

Drain cleaning attachment – turns into a drain cleaner for sinks and slower drains – for cleaning drain lines, or pipes with IDs up to 6”

Hot water option – is for thorough cleaning and removal of tough, greasy stainsBT种子库在线观看 BT种子库无删减 琪琪看片网,啦啦啦免费视频在线观看 啦啦啦免费视频无删减 琪琪 ,大炕上各弄各的在线观看 大炕上各弄各的无删减 琪琪

Hose reel – is convenient in industrial and rugged environments that require extra strength equipment and extended reach of applications

PWNT-0040 Turbo Nozzle – is a pinpoint nozzle with a floating head that spins at 3000 RPM for wider coverage of large cleaning areas

Did You Know?

All of Goodway’s powerful industrial pressure washers conveniently include a cleaning wand for greater flexibility.